We pride ourselves on our selection of high quality herbs, vegetables, and fruit (including numerous varieties of tomato and basil plants, melons, peppers, savory herbs and spices, as well as many varieties of lettuces, kales, and even citrus trees). Most of our plants come from local growers, many of whom grow exclusively for us, allowing us to offer a selection that uniquely reflects the diverse tastes of the Chicago community.

Fruit-Trees are available in the Gethsemane Tree & Shrub Department. Citrus trees and bushes can be found in the Gethsemane Greenhouse.

We are excited to welcome all members of the Peterson Garden Project

Edible Plant List
While our list changes from year to year, the quality of our material does not. Please note that these lists are by no means all that we grow and we are constantly testing out new varieties. Supplies may not last, especially post Father’s Day, so call ahead if you are interested in something specific.

Select fruit and vegetable planting guides are available for download on our Resource Guide page.

For more information, we recommend the following references and websites:

For information on our local zone hardiness – see the USDA Interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map
For help with planning your edible garden:

For help with edible gardens in raised beds and containers:

For care and maintenance of your edible garden:

For tips on when to harvest your crops:



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