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Gethsemane takes pride in offering a vast choice of quality perennials that will satisfy both the novice and the seasoned gardener. The perennial sales staff can take the fear out of gardening for the beginner gardener by suggesting easy care plants that come back year after year. For the connoisseur gardener, we carry new and unusual perennials for a great addition to their garden oasis.

Our extensive selection of perennials can satisfy any garden need. City gardeners can find an extensive variety of shade plants that can be tucked in among shrubs and trees and used as ground covers. We also specialize in drought-tolerant plants such as sedums, perennial subshrubs, and natives. Our vines will add another dimension to the garden by using vertical space. Be sure to pair one of our numerous varieties of clematis with a rose for a special flowering treat.

Whether you get your own hands dirty, or prefer to hire others to create your garden, Gethsemane can satisfy all your needs.


Planting Perennials

Plant List
A comprehensive list of:

  • Perennials for Containers
  • The very best perennials to plant for a lush cutting garden
  • Perennials to plant in your garden for attracting butterflies, bees and/or hummingbirds

By Bloom Time
A handy list of perennials, organized by month of bloom, to assist in your garden planning activities.

A long-lived perennial that does well in the Chicago area. All our hellebores arrive at Gethsemane in full bloom.

For more information, we recommend the following references and websites:

For information on our local zone hardiness – see the USDA Interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map
For information on invasive species in Chicago – see the City’s Natural Resources & Water Quality website
For assistance in planning next years garden, you may wish to consult:

For inspiration, we look at:

For general gardening discussions and beyond, we read:


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