Planting Perennials

  1. Planting perennials in early spring can be done when the soil warms to 50 degrees or when the Forsythia are in full bloom.Remember, when planting, to allow the soil to dry enough to have some ability to “crumble.” You don’t want to compact the soil.
  2. When planting new potted perennials:
    • dig a hole 1.5 to 2 times wider than the root ball
    • Water the plant thoroughly in its container before removing it
    • To help the plant establish quickly, carefully loosen the sides and base of the root ball by teasing out the roots with your fingers or hand fork
    • Plant the perennial at the same soil level as it was in the pot
  3. Fall is a great time to plant perennials and get a head start on spring. Fall temperatures are optimum for gardens as your perennial plants will be able to concentrate on root growth rather than foliage production. Remember that new plants need water, even in the fall, so continue to monitor watering of newly planted perennials. If the days are warm and rainfall infrequent, supplemental watering may still be necessary.

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