At Gethsemane we take our roses very seriously, and the results show.

Our goal is to provide the very best roses available, and the supplies and support to make your rose garden beautiful.  Our selection of roses is vast, and includes 300 varieties of fragrant and rare Antiques, elegant Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras, cluster-flowered Floribundas, tall Climbers, David Austin English roses, and hardy and hardworking Rugosa and Shrub Roses.

Every year during the month of March, at our offsite garden here  in Chicago, we plant our 3000 Gethsemane bare root roses.  First, our rose planting crew prunes the roots and canes, then we soak the roots overnight in a nutritious tea.  Finally, using the finest available planting mix from Wisconsin, we plant the roses snugly into their 4-gallon pots, with lots of room to give them the best possible head start.

Gethsemane carries everything you will need to succeed with roses: pruners, gloves, fertilizers, soils, containers, and pest control products.  Need guidance?  Just ask our rose staff, and be sure to pick up a copy of our Rose Care Guide, which covers all the basics.  In addition, we encourage you to sign up below for our Rose Care Email List, so that we may send you the latest tips and information to help you care for your roses.

Contact us to inquire about availability or to reserve a rose.

Rose Care Email List
Need Guidance? Sign up for our Rose Care Email List to receive tips, reminders, and general guidance from our rosarian.

Rose Care Guide
For information on selection, planting, and maintenance of your roses, download our 2016 Rose Care Guide

2016 Rose List
Our 2016 Rose List is here!
While our rose list changes from year to year, the quality of our material does not. Supplies are very limited with certain varieties, so call ahead if you are interested in something specific.

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