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Gardening season begins early at Gethsemane. In order to provide you with plenty of time to plan pan your spring and summer crops, Gethsemane brings in vegetable and flower seeds, and all of the materials necessary to begin cultivation, at the beginning of each February.

Summer Blooming Bulbs in a wide range of varieties and colors arrive with the coming of Spring (the end of March/ beginning of April). Here in Chicago, these bulbs are either treated as annuals or are dug up in the fall and stored for winter.

Tulips, alliums, hyacinth, crocus, narcissus… come September, Gethsemane stocks a wide variety of Spring Blooming Bulbs for you to plant before the frost hits. Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in selecting the best bulbs for your garden.

Each year, Gethsemane kicks off the holiday season with colorful amaryllis and snowy paperwhite narcissus. Bulbs can be purchased as part of a DIY take-home set, pre-planted in a decorative pot, as individual bulbs, or with a decorative water vessel designed specifically for these indoor blooming beauties. Bulbs arrive mid-October and last throughout the New Year.

Wheatgrass and a variety of sprout seeds are available year-round and can be easily cultivated on the kitchen counter.

For more information, we recommend the following references and websites:

For information on our local zone hardiness – see the USDA Interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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