Kids Corner

We have a great selection of small exotic plants that are especially intriguing to children. Some favorites are:

Sensitive Plants (mimosa) – One touch of the finger and watch the leaves close up tight.
Obesa and Lithops -These small ancient succulents require minimal care.
Color Top Cactus – Unusually bright and colorful, they are actually a small cactus grafted onto another succulent.
Carnivorous plants – Our greenhouse carries four different varieties: pitcher, octopus, venus flytrap, and the starfish.
Air Plants (Tillandsia) – As the name suggests, there’s no need for soil. We have lots of different varieties and all are easy to grow.

The Gethsemane Greenhouse carries these and other varieties that youngsters really enjoy. Ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance, they’ll be more than happy to help you and your child choose the perfect plant.

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