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Gethsemane is excited to announce we are now accepting American Express credit cards for payment in all departments!

Our return policy is quick and easy: If you are not happy, then we are not happy.
Gethsemane customers have 14 days with a receipt to receive a refund the way the items were purchased. Within 15-30 days of purchase, with the receipt, customers may receive a store credit or exchange the items for something else. There are a few exceptions, please see below.

We want to thank you for letting Gethsemane help your gardens grow.

Trees & Shrubs: Gethsemane Garden Center gives all of our customers a one (1) year warranty on new trees and shrubs that are purchased at the full retail price. The warranty is valid for one (1) year from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers 100% of the original amount paid for the plant plus sales tax, if applicable. You must have your original cash register receipt to activate the warranty. There will only be replacement of the tree or shrub, or store credit issued for the warrantied plant material. No cash, debit, or credit card return will be issued. Services such as delivery, planting, or any other applicable labor fees are not covered under this warranty. Please note that we do not offer a warranty/guarantee of any kind for trees and shrubs that are purchased at a discounted price or that have been planted in containers, raised beds, or parkways.

Annuals, ground-covers, houseplants, perennials, roses, aquatics, and sale items are not under warranty.

In Gethsemane’s Greenhouse, customers may bring back a plant within one month, with the receipt, if there are insect problems on the plant only. The plant must be in it’s original container. Plant maintenance is the customer’s responsibility. If you have questions or issues please call the greenhouse experts immediately, they are happy to help. There will be no exchange, refund, or replacement of any plant which has been damaged due to poor plant maintenance. This can include: watering too much/too little, no drainage in the pot, incorrect light for the selected plant, too much/too little fertilizing, leaving the plant in standing water, leaving your plant under or near a radiator, heat-vent, or AC ducts.

Wild Pansy Gift Shop: Returns with gift tags may be exchanged only until date indicated. Returns with receipt within 14 days of purchase are refunded via method of payment. Returns, with receipt, within 15-30 days receive store credit or may exchange the items for something else.

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